Updating to new Javvy token (JVY) contract

Updating to new Javvy token (JVY) contract

Due to Parity bug and ICO hiccup, users must use a new JVY contract address



Updating Custom ERC20 Tokens to a Compatible Wallet

NOTE: If you already added the JVY token to MyEtherWallet, then you must clear your cookies and perform these steps again, using the updated information below. Other wallets, such as imToken, FreeWallet, etc (that automatically add any tokens sent to a wallet) may show BOTH JVY tokens, with only the newer one being usable.

Sign in to MyEtherWallet, go to “View Wallet Info” or “Send Ether or Tokens”. Enter in your information to pull up the wallet, and then click “Add Custom Token”.

MyEtherWallet Screenshots (click to view)
Add custom token to MyEtherWallet

Add custom token info to MyEtherWallet

Enter in the following token contract:

Address: 0x6dC896e52DeF34fF23Ab0B07250e12B9Fd9fe9E7
Token Symbol: JVY
Decimals: 18

Once successful, it will likely auto-load, but when you next visit MyEtherWallet, you may have to click “Load Token Balances” to see the balance of JVY (or any other custom token you added).

Why is this update necessary?

Unfortunately, the Javvy ICO was affected by the recent Parity multisig bug. While there is a chance that we will be able to recover ETH contributions, at some point, we issued the Javvy tokens regardless. We decided that it was not fair to penalize our valued contributors for issues with Parity software bugs.

However, a new set of ICO contracts had to be deployed, as a result of the Parity bug. In that deployment, one of our ICO contract developer consultants accidentally multiplied by 18 decimal places, instead of dividing. It was an unfortunate typo that accidentally issued 1 Quintillion tokens to our test wallet. Since that act could not be undone, it effectively destroyed that ICO.

However, we could not abandon all of our branding for the JVY token, so we made the tough choice to deploy yet another set of ICO contracts, with the correct calculations, and reissue all prior token purchases. Now, the ICO is back on track, and all prior contributors have their JVY. They just need to follow these instructions to see and use them. Future contributors will not have any extra steps to see their Javvy tokens.

We apologize for the confusion and truly appreciate all of the support that we have received from the crypto community!