Javvy Crypto Solution ICO

Javvy Token Initial Coin Offering & Equity

Fundraise: Javvy is raising funds through an Equity crowdfunding AND an ICO token pre-sale. Those who support our ambitious plan by purchasing Javvy tokens (JVY) will have the option to convert them, later, within the Javvy wallet, to national currency (CASH) or nearly any other cryptocurrency.

Mission: To provide a comprehensive solution to buy, sell, convert, use, and manage ALL major cryptocurrencies within a secure wallet, by integrating a fully decentralized exchange.

Terms of the Javvy ICO

Buy early during the ICO to earn bigger token bonuses!

Maximum CAP: 2,000,000 ETH (why so high?)
Funding Goal: 225,000 ETH (would create 112,500,000 JVY)
Unsold Tokens: Unsold coins will not be minted
Reserved coins: 30%

  • 12% for founding partners (vests in 2 years with 6-month cliff)
  • 10% for operational use to process buy & sell orders in the Javvy wallet
  • 4% for attracting and retaining top talent, post launch
  • 3% for key people, advisors, and influencers
  • 1% for bounty rewards

JVY price per Ether: 0.002 ETH / token (500 JVY / ETH)
Bonus Tokens: 10% (0 – 200,000 ETH), 5% (200,001 – 300,000 ETH)
Emission rate: No new coins will ever be created
Sale start: November 1, 2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC
Sale end: February 15, 2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC
Accepted currencies: ETH
Coin distribution date: Immediate (locked until ICO completion)
How to Buy: Buy Tokens Now, Donate, or Buy Equity Shares

Note: If users decide to speculate, based on the degree of perceived project success, the Javvy token value could be very volatile.

Questions? View our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Javvy Equity Investment

For investors who want to own shares of Javvy

Total Equity Offered: 10% (5,000 shares)

Downside: Little to no liquidity until IPO, merger, or acquisition.
Upside: Reduced risk of speculation, though speculation could push valuations, if project is viewed as extremely successful and high growth.

Questions? View our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why We're Doing This...

A quick, 1-minute intro from two of the Javvy co-founders

Javvy Solution Details

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