When will I receive my Airdrop JVY Tokens?

Javvy plans to distribute all airdrop tokens within 1 month of the ICO closing (sooner, if we can easily distribute to the list of qualified participants). So, all airdrop tokens should be distributed no later than May 31, 2019.

Also note that we will be double vetting all airdropper by airdropping to the Javvy wallet associated with each user’s email on file from the airdrop campaign. So, the user MUST still have access to their original email and must be signed up with a downloaded Javvy app using the same email. Note that access to the original wallet address, provided during the airdrop, is not required. All tokens may be immediately removed from the Javvy wallet, if desired, and sent to any ERC-20 supporting service, such as MyEtherWallet, etc.