How do the Bounties and Airdrop work?

The airdrop is over. When will I receive my Airdrop JVY tokens?

There was a BountyHive Javvy campaign where the massive token pool was shared among all participants. That campaign ended on March 1, 2019. The average earned by each participant was worth approximately $350 USD at the time of distribution. Distribution of those JVY tokens has already been completed.

There is an on-going Bounty0x Javvy campaign where users complete bounties for a specific amount of JVY tokens. Those tokens will be distributed once the ICO ends (on April 30th, 2019) or shortly thereafter. The distribution will come directly from Bounty0x. Members who participated in the BountyHive campaign and/or the Airdrop are allowed to participate in the Bounty0x campaign as well!