Javvy - A Cryptocurrency Wallet, Exchange, and ICO

An All-in-one Crypto Experience

  • A Universal Wallet
  • Built-in Decentralized Exchange
  • Quick & Easy Registration
  • Superior User Experience
  • User-friendly Security Focus
  • Numerous Advanced Features


Crypto Wallet



Crypto Future is App-based

  • Users keep control over crypto funds
  • Avoids web-based exchange & wallet pitfalls
  • Supports all major cryptocurrencies/tokens
  • Advanced features (multi-sig & native ICO)
  • User-friendly focus on security
  • On Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, & Linux

Crypto Exchange



“The Easy Button” for Crypto

  • Simplifies the entire “crypto experience”
  • Buy & Sell Crypto with FIAT (national money)
  • Aggregates multiple types of exchanges
  • Verify ID once to trade everything, everywhere
  • No need to register with web-based exchanges
  • AI detects fraud, arbitrage, & trade signals




Javvy Utility Token

  • Hold Javvy tokens for 50% discount on fees
  • Hold Javvy tokens to earn 5% of revenue

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The Javvy ICO

TBD 2018

Token Details

  • Token TypeERC-20
  • Token SymbolJVY
  • Maximum Supply350,000,000 JVY
  • Tokens for Sale187,500,000 JVY
  • Bonus Tokens75,000,000 JVY
  • Soft Cap (ETH)1,000
  • Hard Cap (ETH)100,000

Token Allocation

Crowdsale 75%
Operations 10%
Future Talents 5%
Founders 5%
Advisors 5%

Funds Allocation

Development 45%
Operations 25%
Marketing 15%
Legal & Compliance 15%

Token Milestones

  • Milestone #1 (ETH): Add: Decentralized Buy, Sell, & Native ICO2,500
  • Milestone #2 (ETH): Add: Mac/Linux support, 12 coins/tokens5,000
  • Milestone #3 (ETH): Add: In-store Gift Cards, some global locations10,000
  • Milestone #4 (ETH): Add: ALL major crypto/tokens (5/day goal)20,000
  • Milestone #5 (ETH): Add: Many national currencies (₹, €, ¥, etc)35,000
  • Milestone #6 (ETH): Register as or partner with a bank50,000
  • Milestone #7 (ETH): Launch international debit card80,000
  • Milestone #8 (ETH): Expand to stricter markets; More translations90,000
  • Milestone #9 (ETH): Buy physical gold, Instant CASH transfers, etc100,000
*We are looking to raise at least 20,000 ETH, but the community may invest up to 100,000 ETH if interested in more advanced features.
** The ICO will end on the specified end date OR once a maximum of 100,000 ETH is raised.

Token Presale

  • Private Sale DateOngoing

Token Crowdsale

  • Token Sale StartTBD

Tokens not sold or provided as bonus will be proportionally distributed among token purchasers to reach, along with other distributions, an equal 350,000,000 JVY

Founder tokens will be “locked up” for the first YEAR after ICO close

The Javvy team will report on the milestones being attempted when each distribution of funds raised is made. It is our goal to be fully transparent




The Javvy Protocol

  • Legacy banking integration to facilitate crypto trading
  • JVY utility token used to settle trades with no reserves
  • Quick & easy ID verification (KYC) to get started
  • Regulatory compliance on a country-by-country basis
  • Decentralized integration across multiple exchanges
  • Widespread cryptocurrency/token support

The Javvy Founders

Our Team


Road Map

  • 2012-2017

    Developed Distributed Cross-Currency Exchange Proof-of-Concept

    Self Funded $500,000

  • Apr 2018

    Released Wallet Prototype

    (Windows Only)

    Funded with Early Equity Investors

  • Jun 2018

    Decentralized Exchange / Wallet Alpha Complete

  • Adding Full, Simple KYC / AML support

    Internally Tested

  • Jul 2018

    Official Wallet Release w/ Easy KYC, Convert, Send, & Receive

    Windows + Mobile (iOS & Android)

    Self funded $250,000

  • TBD 2018

    Pre-ICO Begins

    Also known as an ICO pre-sale (public bonus period)

  • TBD 2018

    Public ICO Begins

    Raise funds to deliver a powerful crypto solution

  • Oct 2018

    Add Decentralized Buy & Sell


    (once fully funded)

  • Oct 2018

    In-store Crypto Gift Cards for CASH

    (once fully funded)

  • Oct 2018

    Develop MAC & Linux Versions of the Javvy Application Wallet & Exchange

    (once fully funded)

  • Dec 2018

    Support a Javvy personal Security Device

    Cold storage hardware wallet

    (once fully funded)

  • Dec 2018

    Add Core Features:

    – National Currencies

    – Various Tokens/Coins Support etc.

  • Register as a Bank or Partner with a Bank

  • Launch International Debit Card

    (Open to Everyone)

  • Apply for Licensing


  • Continue Adding Cryptos & Tokens

    Rate of 5 Per Day!

    ERC-223 & ERC-721 Token Support

  • End 2019

    Continue Expansion into Stricter Global Markets


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