Javvy - A Cryptocurrency Wallet, Exchange, and ICO

An All-in-one Crypto Experience

  • A Universal Wallet
  • Built-in Decentralized Exchange
  • Quick & Easy Registration
  • Superior User Experience
  • User-friendly Security Focus
  • Numerous Advanced Features


Crypto Wallet



Crypto Future is App-based

  • Users keep control over crypto funds
  • Avoids web-based exchange & wallet pitfalls
  • Supports all major cryptocurrencies/tokens
  • Advanced features (multi-sig & native ICO)
  • User-friendly focus on security
  • On Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, & Linux

Crypto Exchange



“The Easy Button” for Crypto

  • Simplifies the entire “crypto experience”
  • Buy & Sell Crypto with FIAT (national money)
  • Aggregates multiple types of exchanges
  • Verify ID once to trade everything, everywhere
  • No need to register with web-based exchanges
  • AI detects fraud, arbitrage, & trade signals




Javvy Utility Token

  • Hold Javvy tokens for 50% discount on fees
  • Hold Javvy tokens to earn 5% of revenue

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The Javvy ICO

TBD 2018

Token Details

  • Token TypeERC-20
  • Token SymbolJVY
  • Maximum Supply350,000,000 JVY
  • Tokens for Sale105,000,000 JVY
  • Loyalty Reward Tokens157,500,000 JVY
  • Price$0.076 USD / JVY*
  • Soft Cap (ETH)1,000
  • Hard Cap (ETH)40,000**
*Token price locked to ETH price of $200 USD (as of 09/18/2018)
**Compliant to proposed UK ICO $8MM USD limits (as of 09/18/2018)

Token Allocation

Crowdsale 75%
Operations 10%
Future Talents 5%
Founders 5%
Advisors 5%

Funds Allocation

Development 45%
Operations 25%
Marketing 15%
Legal & Compliance 15%

Token Milestones

  • Milestone #1 (ETH): Add: Decentralized Buy, Sell, & Native ICO2,500
  • Milestone #2 (ETH): Add: Mac/Linux support, 12 coins/tokens5,000
  • Milestone #3 (ETH): Add: In-store Gift Cards, some global locations10,000
  • Milestone #4 (ETH): Add: ALL major crypto/tokens (5/day goal)20,000
  • Milestone #5 (ETH): Add: Many national currencies (₹, €, ¥, etc)35,000
  • Milestone #6 (ETH): Launch international debit card40,000
  • Milestone #7 (ETH): Register as or partner with a bankRevenue*
  • Milestone #8 (ETH): Expand to stricter markets; More translationsRevenue*
  • Milestone #9 (ETH): Buy physical gold, Instant CASH transfers, etcRevenue*
* Advanced initiatives will be funded from revenue (transaction fees, KYC/Accreditation verification services, etc).
** The token sale will end on the specified end date OR once a maximum of 40,000 ETH is raised.

Token Presale

  • Private Sale DateOngoing

Token Crowdsale

  • Token Sale StartTBD




The Javvy Protocol

  • Legacy banking integration to facilitate crypto trading
  • JVY utility token used to settle trades with no reserves
  • Quick & easy ID verification (KYC) to get started
  • Regulatory compliance on a country-by-country basis
  • Decentralized integration across multiple exchanges
  • Widespread cryptocurrency/token support

The Javvy Founders

Our Team


Road Map

  • 2012-2017

    Developed Distributed Cross-Currency Exchange Proof-of-Concept

    Self Funded $500,000

  • Apr 2018

    Released Wallet Prototype

    (Windows Only)

    Funded with Early Equity Investors

  • Jun 2018

    Decentralized Exchange / Wallet Alpha Complete

  • Adding Full, Simple KYC / AML support

    Internally Tested

  • Jul 2018

    Official Wallet Release w/ Easy KYC, Convert, Send, & Receive

    Windows + Mobile (iOS & Android)

    Self funded $250,000

  • TBD 2018

    Pre-ICO Begins

    Also known as an ICO pre-sale (public bonus period)

  • TBD 2018

    Public ICO Begins

    Raise funds to deliver a powerful crypto solution

  • Dec 2018

    Add Decentralized Buy & Sell


    (once fully funded)

  • Dec 2018

    In-store Crypto Gift Cards for CASH

    (once fully funded)

  • Dec 2018

    Develop MAC & Linux Versions of the Javvy Application Wallet & Exchange

    (once fully funded)

  • Support a Javvy personal Security Device

    Cold storage hardware wallet

    (once fully funded)

  • Add Core Features:

    – National Currencies

    – Various Tokens/Coins Support etc.

  • Register as a Bank or Partner with a Bank

  • Launch International Debit Card

    (Open to Everyone)

  • Apply for Licensing


  • Continue Adding Cryptos & Tokens

    Rate of 5 Per Day!

    ERC-223 & ERC-721 Token Support

  • End 2019

    Continue Expansion into Stricter Global Markets


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