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Mission: To provide an integrated, decentralized exchange platform to buy, sell, convert, use, and manage ALL major cryptocurrencies within a truly secure wallet app.

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Why Javvy? Why Now?

Around the world, peoples’ lives can be devastated by their government’s mismanagement of the national currency. We provide a way to hedge against that, saving families, businesses, and livelihoods by giving them the ability to easily and securely allocate a portion of their assets to cryptocurrency.

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How To Buy Javvy (JVY) ICO Tokens

Javvy Roadmap (release schedule)

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Crypto Solution White Paper

Javvy Patent Pending 62543097

Javvy Patent Pending 62558597

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Javvy Crypto Solution Features

Here is a teaser of just SOME of Javvy wallet's awesome features!


100% anonymous to Send, Receive, Convert, & Manage

Full-Service Exchange

Does not use risky 3rd-party or peer-to-peer exchanges!

Safe and Secure***

Very strong focus on security and safety (backup options)

Buy & Sell Crytpo

Conveniently Buy and Sell cryptocurrency in the Javvy wallet!

Multiple Crypto

Safely stores Bitcoin, ETH, & the Javvy token (more to be added)

All Devices & Platforms

All major platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android

Friendlier Buy & Sell**

Provides a RAPID and “friendly” approach to ID verification

Convert Crypto

Conveniently convert to many other major cryptocurrencies

Shareable Wallet

Configurable "Multisig" for shared & corporate wallets
Footnotes and Clarifications (click to view)
  • *Registration is required only to buy, sell, or use advanced features (spend crypto with int'l debit card, send CASH, etc).
  • **Most customers, in over 170 countries, will enjoy RAPID identity verification, fewer required ID documents, and convenient methods to provide ID documents to Javvy!
  • ***Private keys will never be stored in the cloud or sent outside of the wallet (only stored locally!)

Who Can Use the Javvy Crypto Solution?


Based in the Cayman Islands & Licensed to serve globally (MSB, FinCEN, & BitLicense)

Multiple Languages

Translated into all major languages (English, initially)

Industry Pioneer*

Javvy will seek more "reasonable" regulations
Footnotes and Clarifications (click to view)
  • *While we do not fully agree with the BitLicense policies, we aim to serve everyone, globally. Therefore, we will obtain all required licensing and then enact our plan to educate against fear-mongering and over-regulation.

Accepted Payment Methods

Pay by CASH

Instant payment by CASH, scanned check, Western Union, etc

Pay by Credit Card

Instant payment with Credit or Debit card (adds 3% fee)

Pay by Bank Transfer

Pay by Bank Transfer (wire or ACH, adds 3-5 day delay)

Support Javvy's Vision

Be part of the future of finance and own equity in Javvy!

Javvy Visionary Team (Founders)

Meet the people who recognized the future of global finance!
Brandon Elliott, CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, MCP+I, MCT, A+

Brandon Elliott, CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, MCP+I, MCT, A+

CEO, Chariman of the Board
Expertise: Security, Compliance, Coding, Servers, Networking, Infrastructure, & Database
Frank Grogan, HCISPP, Network+, A+

Frank Grogan, HCISPP, Network+, A+

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) & Co-Founder
Expertise: Product evangelist for Javvy's unique value propositions from a practical perspective
...and many others! See the javvy core team (group photo coming soon)